What is Passover Chol haMoed

2527514288Everyone knows about the Passover Seder, but did you know that Passover is really a week long celebration.  The Seder is definitely a highlight, and possibly the most celebrated of all of the Jewish holidays, but if it ends there, you are missing a great time.  Join Batya and Mottle to learn about the joy of the “intermediary days” of the Passover holiday.

What is a Passover Seder?

tumblr_ljxhezlT3M1qa944oo1_400There is probably no more well known Jewish ritual throughout the year than the Passover Seder.  So many people have memories from childhood, positive and negative, and sometimes both at the same time!

The word seder actually means “order” and is a specific set of experiences “ordered” to give someone a real taste of spiritual depth and most of all freedom.  Join Mottle and Batya for an exploration of this well known, but little understood, Jewish ritual.

What is Rosh Chodesh?

newmoonRosh Chodesh is the most important holiday, that Jews don’t really celebrate!  It is absolutely essential to Jewish life, in fact, the celebration of the beginning of the month is the very first commandment given to the Jewish Nation in the bible.  Explore the centrality of this little know but increasingly popular Jewish holiday with Mottle and Batya Wolfe.

What is Tu b’Shvat?

backgroundThe New Year for Trees! Tu B’Shvat offers a unique opportunity for insight into living and personal growth. Throughout the centuries, Mystics have used the tree as a metaphor to understand God’s relationship to the spiritual and physical worlds.

In the 16th century, the Kabbalists of Tzfat compiled a Tu B’Shvat “seder,” somewhat similar to the seder for Passover. The Seder involves the eating of different fruits that correspond to different Sephirot and the Four Mystical Worlds.

What is Shabbat?

ShabbatCandles-733683There is a saying that goes, “more than the Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews”! Why has a day that has so much apparent restriction to it, been so loved and revered by Jews for thousands of years?

Join Mottle and Batya on the Stuff Jews Should Know podcast as they take a fresh look at the most frequent Jewish Holiday.

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The Chanukah food special – Stuff Jews Should Know

Every Jewish holiday has it’s own special foods associated with it. These holiday foods aren’t just foods, they have deep symbolic and historical significance. Mottle and Batya explore the world of Chanukah food and the rich tastes that surrounds the Festival of lights.
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What is Chanukah?

Chanukah comes from very real historical events that happened right here in the Land of Israel, 2200 years ago.

And like with many things in Judaism, that I know I grew up with, it has been reduced to a very superficial holiday.

We all know when Chanukah is, but do we know what it is?

This is definitely STUFF JEWS SHOULD KNOW!


If you are wondering HOW to light Chanukah candles, check the video on the side of the page.


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