What is the Book of Genesis?

It is the beginning of the five books of Moses. We are familiar with the stories, but what is the common thread that ties them all together? Why start what is predominantly a book of laws with a book of stories? What do we actually learn from this. This is the time of year where Jews all around the world are reading the Sefer Bereishit or the Book of Genesis. Join Mottle and Batya to explore why.Wolkenbuch

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What is a siddur?

siddurIn a continuation from last weeks important Jewish Books, Mottle and Batya zoom in on the siddur. What is a siddur? Some people would say it is a prayer book, however that is not what the word means. A siddur is literally translated as “order”. What are we trying to make order of? What are Jews trying to accomplish with the siddur? Learn more about this book that is so central to Jewish life.

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What are the main Jewish Books?

Holy Jewish booksEveryone knows that the Torah is the center of Jewish Life.  But what do Jews mean by Torah?  Is it the Five Books of Moses?  The “Old Testament”? Does the Stuff Jews Should Know podcast count?

Join Mottle and Batya in an overview of the vast library of “The People of the Book”.

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