Inward Bound Seminars

For those that wish to explore your connection to Judaism, there is nothing better than Inward Bound.  Inward Bound approaches Judaism from a foundational level and explores the big question.  Why are we here?  Is an ancient spiritual path relevant to me as a 21st Century person?   What does it mean to be Jewish?

All of the Inward Bound programs are designed to give the participant a sophisticated and holistic understanding of the major concepts, principles, and practices of Judaism. By examining these concepts principles and practices from a foundational level, the goal is that you will gain an understanding of how all of the various aspects fit together in an integrated spiritual whole.

Inward Bound has drastically reduced prices on all of our programs, seminars, and retreats for Birthright Alumni.  We also offer several learning experiences for free on-line including our weekly podcast.  Experience the Israel you might not have gotten to see during your ten day trip, and go deep inside the ancient wisdom that beats in the heart of Israel.

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