There is a Special Prayer, that Jewish Parents say only Once a Year. TODAY!

Today is Eruv Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the day before the new Month of Sivan. Sivan is the month when the Jewish People received the Torah at Mount Sinai.

There is a beautiful custom that Dates back to the 16th Century and the great Torah Sage Isaiah Horovitz known to Jewish History as the Shlah haKodesh.

The Shlah haKodesh was born in 1565 in Prague and moved to the city of Sefat in the Land of Israel in 1621.

The Shlah haKodesh was a great mystic and talmudist, but also known as a master of prayer. He wrote that the eve of the first day of the Hebrew month of Sivan had a unique energy to set the course for the future piety of Jewish children. The Shlah composed a pray to be recited on this day by Jewish Parents. It isn’t long, You can see it, read it, pray it! In English or Hebrew right here.

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