What is a Jewish Wedding?

What makes a wedding a Jewish wedding? Mottle and Batya walk you through the entire day from start to finish.  You will be shouting Mazal Tov an feel like were there!




  1. I had the great fortune of being invited to a Jewish wedding last year when I was in Israel. I’m not a Jew but I host Israels who travel to Australia so I have many Israeli friends now and have been invited to 3 weddings. If I’d known how good they are I’d have made more effort to go to the other 2. It was so different from the weddings I’ve attended in Aus and I can honestly say it’s the best wedding yet. Full of joy and fun and lots of the best food. We got to be part of a flash mob dance. I loved everything about it despite knowing little Hebrew and only a dozen or so people (and you know how big they can be).

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